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Digital Drawing Class with Virtual Animators

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I was so glad to be able to take this class! Last time it was sold out by the time I clicked the email, which is completely understandable, knowing how popular this artist is: Pernille Orum

She has to be one of my favorite modern illustrators, and when I saw the class was opening again, I didn't hesitate to take it, because her illos are so on point.

Here's my classwork as I was following along with her video:



I used an iPad Air 2 with no stylus, while she's working on Photoshop on a Cintiq (If I could dream, lol)

I also went ahead and picked a model of my own (my own beautiful cousin Paola) and drew a version of her as a mermaid.


Overall, it was a great class and I had so many great tips from her, that I would take the class over again :)

If you want to find out more about the classes, head over to virtualanimators.com – There's plenty of styles and illustrators to follow. And of course, if you want to commission me for an ilustration (mermaid or not) just send me an email!