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PRESENTATION is all about packaging, right? Well… it’s not the only thing. Packaging is the most basic part of our PRESENTATION to the customers, but there are other features that can helps us deliver a strong message brand and complete the shopping experience for them.


PRESENTATION is all about service, anything and anyone that helps your shop serve your product or expertise to your customers is part of the PRESENTATION.

Your employees and their training are part of your PRESENTATION. The uniforms they wear are part of it as well. The vehicle that delivers your services or items represents your brand. Even the photography you use to promote your items strengthens your delivery.



When uniforms match your theme and color brand, they become a great feature and an inspiration for your employees to take pride in their work and represent what your business stands for. Usually uniforms are expected to be a boring combination of shirts and pants with a logo stuck in the front, but when chosen correctly (and a few creative variations), they can actually be very comfortable and useful to the people that wear them.

A delivery vehicle that has been branded with your business’ logo and contact can also be used as a great promotional PRESENTATION while driving all over town. They are a great tool to be used as a “moving billboard” when on the road and as a parked sign when attending fairs and events. I have even experienced some vehicles that have extra goodies for people to take away while they are walking by the parked vehicle. How cool is that?

Your bags and containers (boxes, wraps, etc.) can enhance the way your products arrive to their destination: for a brick and mortar shop, to wrap their items and bag them to be dressed up almost as a gift should be the focus of their PRESENTATION… making sure to carefully wrap them and protect them for their traveling until their customer’s home.

Ensuring that the quality of your product won’t be lost, it's worth making an investment in presentation materials.

For online shops, the best way to enhance PRESENTATION is thru a well designed website. Your customers will experience your brand from the colors and the themes chosen, but making it easy to navigate and purchase from is what is going to make the best service PRESENTATION and have them return for more purchases in the future.

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