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So what’s in a slogan? Why would you use one?

SLOGANS are great little helpers in communicating the uniqueness of your business, by making an specific intention of why your products are like no one else's. When the previous elements of branding (that we have talked about in other emails) help us create an environment and look, the SLOGAN summarizes all in one sentence why should your customer buy from you and not other shops.

The simplest SLOGANS describe just the products or the industry, but the most effective ones, make a memorable idea of how the products you offer are designed to be perfect for your customer.

But SLOGANS don’t work on their own or at least they shouldn’t. They are great sidekicks to a real powerful business name when they work together.


Most businesses start with a chosen name because it’s how we learn to start any project (Remember in school? when you had to write an essay and the first thing you would write was the title?) but there’s a reason why I didn’t start the series with a "naming your shop” article (besides that 90% of my subscribers already have a shop name).

The reason is, that, in order for your shop’s brand to be the most effective, we should start to create an identity from the most extensive element (like color) to the most specific one ( your shop’s name and slogan). Just like in a school essay, your shop’s look and image will make sense when the main element of your brand, the shop’s name, involves all the characteristics of your product’s identity.


So if you haven’t picked a name yet, go ahead and download the PDF guide for this article and start building your ideas for it. If you already have a name, you can work out a slogan that works together with it, with these simple tips I describe here:

1.- Specify the tone of your phrase to the type of business you have: Use the voice of the target market you are directing your message in order to make it appealing. Is your target market budget conscious? Or a DIY crowd? Maybe the tone is luxurious or more business professional. Just make sure that it’s specific to your audience.

2.- Keep it simple and short: Some big name stores have used long slogans that have actually worked, but they have been chosen after long research and market group testing that shows their effectiveness. Since most startup boutiques don’t have the budget to test them out, it’s recommended that “short & sweet” is the best way to sell your slogan.

3.- Let it be authentic but do research: it’s a wonderful idea to come up with a clever phrase, but always investigate the different pronounciations, spellings and meanings that your sentence can have in various places, cultures and groups of people around the world. The last thing you want is to alienate a significant group of your potential market even though you mean no harm.

4.- Check availability: Normally when we choose names, we quickly find out if they are available as domains or social media handles. But when it comes to slogans and catchy phrases, you should also check the Trademark database in your country, to make sure you are not infringing any other businesses or individual rights. Several products recently have been involved in great controversy about the particular categories they have created for themselves, by owning a particular phrase or slogan.

And if you think you have the hit the jackpot with your SLOGAN, go ahead and consider registering it for your own shop’s popular benefit! 

So what do you think? Any ideas about what your SLOGAN should be? Did we make you think about tweaking yours? Download our PDF guide and play with some word ideas and if you have any comments or questions, use our contact page to send me a direct message. 

Happy Crafting, Sell it Pretty and see you next Wednesday!


Click the image to download the PDF

Click the image to download the PDF