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Identifying your shop's THEME from the start will make the rest of the branding process easier. Your THEME can affect everything from the design of the logo to the color of the website, to the type of products that you sell as well as the venues where you plan to offer them. It will guide you in every decision you make about your store, help you create an environment, determine the decoration to use, the packaging you will wrap it in, until your product reaches your customer’s hands.


A THEME can be based on the location of your shop, like the beach, the mountains or the city. You could take your guests back in time with a vintage theme, like The Roaring 20’s or Classic Hollywood. A THEME could be an activity, like sports (baseball, basketball, football, etc.), hobbies (gardening, crossword puzzles, etc) and skills (dancing, playing instruments, etc.). Your THEME could be about a popular book, TV show or movie. And finally, your THEME could be based on the culture of a particular region or country on the planet.

There are other graphic elements of THEMES that can help you set the look of your shop, like patterns (plaid, polkadots, grids, etc.), fonts (cursive, handwritten, stamped, retro, etc.)  and textures (burlap, kraft paper, animal skins, etc.) that can complement your shop’s story.



If the element of color is the background, or the walls” of the store (as I explained last week), the THEME is the set decoration, the props and shelves. Combine your color palette with the theme of your shop harmoniously to make your brand message stronger.

If you already have a business going and you still think that your THEME isn’t obvious or it’s too out there (Cat Cafe, anyone?), you can still create a new theme category as long as you are sure that its the right one for your target market. Pick a color palette that resonates with your THEME, and keep the purchase of your decorations, packaging, stationery and promo materials aligned with it.

So go ahead and apply the element of THEME to your shop by downloading the PDF guide and if you have any comments or questions, use our contact page to send me a direct message. 

Happy Crafting, Sell it Pretty and see you next Wednesday!

Click the image to download the PDF

Click the image to download the PDF