Jucel Meneses


Is this what you are thinking?

Don't worry, I have had the same thought. You are not the only one. Promise.

Everyday, hundreds of people like us open their shops online with a fresh new idea or product, ready to offer it to the world, and only in a couple of months, they come to discover that they have run out of ideas to promote and sell their products...

But how does this even happen?

Your product is unique, creative and you have people liking and following your listings everyday, and even so, sales are not coming in like they should.... but OMG! It's so close, you can even see it, you have received wonderful feedback, your shop feels like is about to sail away in a wild stream of "sold outs" and "completely booked for 3 months" but so far, it is not quite there yet...

but W-H-Y-?

Well, some gurus are going to tell you that having a little bump in the curve of sales is totally normal, or that they have the secret to different things that can be tweaked and moved in order to keep the flow going: SEO, listing keywords and titles, marketing apps, social media managers, having your domain vs. a storefront with [insert name of out-of-the-box storefront], etc. but out of this laundry list of things that are mentioned, do we really get to know which item actually will make your product stand out?

More importantly, which specific one WILL make your customer make that purchase? 

I have been studying shops, specifically online shops for about 10 years now. I have done several intense courses on SHOP SUCCESS and ONLINE MARKETING (the free ones and the paid ones), even back when Etsy used to have chat rooms clinics (remember those?). Many rich learning interactions, that have lead me to conclude that this "unknown" secret — this precious secret that is NOT in that laundry list I mentioned before AT ALL—but is precisely common to all these Marketing Online Gurus... is..

They never work alone. Ever. 

Not ever. The myth of the "lone successful genius" that made it to the top, is just that, a myth. Even the most secluded online business owner has a connection of friends or coworkers to share knowledge with. And on top of that, it wasn't their SEO, it wasn't their branding, it wasn't that "their titles had All Caps and no numbers" (or some weird keyword method people had going on for a while in 2010), not even that their pictures were bright enough, that brought them to the top. NOPE.

Their best key to success was: NETWORKING

But, not the usual networking form you local chamber of commerce though, no that one. The actual useful one, the one that gives you the feedback, the help, the reviews, the tips and the insight into how to present your shop online, the group that makes the biggest impact for any successful online shop owner and helps you with ideas on how to sell your products in the prettiest and most attractive way possible.

Some people call it tribes, masterminds, pods, etc. but the truth is that no matter what you call it your best support comes from those of us, that just like you, are sharing the road being an independent business owner.

Want to share the road with us? Join our free Facebook Group. Or keep reading to learn more about it.

Nobody else but people like us understand, all the different hats that we have to wear to get our shops going, all the ideas that we have to come up to figure out how to make our products stand out.

I for example, have had to wear many hats: from marketing specialist to website coder, to statistics analyst to logistics shipping expert, but my best hat (or my specialty) is branding and presentation. After all, I have been a graphic designer and illustrator for more than 10 yrs now, working with corporate clients and in the last 6 yrs with online shops in Etsy and Storenvy.

And because of this discovery of the power of networking and my knowledge of branding, I felt compelled to create a group that could nurture, a pod of ideas, that went beyond the usual marketing strategies that go all around Facebook and Instagram, that supports business owners that are just starting out, or businesses that have had some weird detours on their road to success but would like to get back on track.  A group that will help you make your ideas grow (say goodbye to an empty tank of ideas!) and present your shop in the best way possible.

The group I have created for this, is called Sell it Pretty: Ideas for Indie Sellers + Boutique Owners

Why Sell it Pretty?

It's a little shallow to just expect products to be pretty to sell, am I right? But the hard truth is that we all (as humans) are naturally attracted to things that are aesthetically pleasing. The trick is, that having a product be "pretty" is very subjective and it takes more than just what meets the eye. We all have different tastes, cultural backgrounds, and influences that let us know what we think is pretty.

Even the most beautiful dress can be taken as "ugly" if it's not presented in the best way possible to the right customer. The most ingenious toy can be sitting in shelves for months, if the first impression is that it is boring or complicated.

And that's why, more than ever, I think that a group like Sell it Pretty will be useful to you as a shop owner:

  1. It holds the power of the crowd: all members are indie sellers that will help you by sharing their own experiences, ideas and tips on what has worked for them and what has not.

  2. Competition is not encouraged: we are not there to win a race, or be the ultimate selling warrior. We don't care if you have 5 followers or 1,000 likes. We promote equal opportunity to ask and learn from each other.

  3. A weekly list of topics: ideas on what's trending for customers and what holiday tips to keep in mind in the world of online selling.

  4. Tips on presentation and branding: because it's my specialty I will always include my own posts on topics like photography, branding (logos, color trends, fonts), packaging and themes that can help you create a beautiful setup for your products online, and even offline for trade shows and craft shows.

  5. It's free! The best part is, that you are not required to buy anything, or follow a class, in order to join and participate. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

So wait, you got all the way over here, and you still don't know who I am?

Oh, well! Hello, My name is Jucel Meneses, and you can learn more about me by clicking here.